Welcome to St Leonard’s

Welcome to St Leonard’s! We’d love you to come and visit our church; you’d be very welcome – the website shows you what goes on – and here are some of the things you might want to know.

We try to follow the example that Jesus set of accepting everyone who came to him. So we try to be an inclusive church where anyone can feel welcome. We believe our church is not a private club – it’s open to, and for, everybody. It’s for those who have faith and those who don’t know if they have any, those who have made mistakes, those who are trying to make sense of life and those on whom everyone else has given up. We know we’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be…

We’re a thriving church in the liberal catholic tradition of the Church of England. What does that mean? Well – put as simply as possible (which isn’t easy) we place the sacrament (Holy Communion) at the centre of a lot of our worship because we believe that that can enable us to encounter God. We believe in the ministry of both men and women as bishops, priests and deacons and affirm the ministry of lay people. We also believe that we are called to serve the community in which we live.

Our main Sunday service at 9.45 is a traditional sung Eucharist with a robed choir. In addition we have a variety of different sorts of services from 1662 Prayer Book to Informal Eucharists to Messy Church. They’re not all the same and not all on Sundays (see Weekday services) because we know that people come in all shapes and sizes, personalities and backgrounds. We also have a popular Junior Church for children on Sundays during our main service, so parents can join in with the worship while their children are enjoying their own sort of church.

Here you’ll find…Ordinary people, but an extraordinary God

Church is open on weekday mornings if you would like time for prayer and contemplation – or just have a look round. The times are on the Weekday & Services page.