New to Church?

We know church can be an odd place to be if you are not sure what is going on. We want everyone to feel welcome and included, whether you’re just visiting, because you’re with us for a christening or a friend’s wedding for example, or you’re thinking about joining us for a while.

There are a few things we can tell you now about our typical services that may be useful ahead of your visit.

Parish Eucharist at 9.45

We use booklets to follow the service and red or blue hymn books. Generally words in the service booklet in light type are said by the person leading, and we join in with the bits in bold type. Some of the responses are sung. (If you’re not sure about the tune, don’t worry – some of us aren’t either!). We stand up and sit down at various points in the service, and that’s given as an instruction in the service booklet too.

The Gradual Hymn is the one during which we bring the Gospel (important reading) into the congregation. During the Offertory hymn we bring the bread and wine for communion to the altar and we take a financial collection from the congregation. Quite a lot of us give our contribution by direct debit so no-one will notice you if you pass the bag along without putting anything in.

Everyone is welcome to receive communion (bread and wine) if that’s your custom, or a blessing. You don’t need to be a regular member of our church to join in with this part of the service.

Evensong at 6.30

This is written in the green prayer books and we usually use only the red hymn books. There is more information on this on our Evensong welcome card.

So if you are not sure what’s going on, don’t worry. No one will think anything of it if you don’t sing, or join in the responses. Do as much as you feel able to, it’s quite all right to let the music and prayers ‘wash over’ you as you enjoy worship in our beautiful church.

Find out more about us

For further details read our About Us, A people of prayer and St Leonard’s welcome pages as these contain further information or use our Contact form.