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Sermons from the most recent Sunday morning services are available here. Just click on a play button below to play the sermon in your browser.

20/08/2017: Matthew 15: [10-20], 21-28: Fr David Armstrong The Hebrew prophets had a vision of the breadth of God’s love reaching far beyond their own race. Matthew here shows us Jesus confronted by a non – Jewish woman who begs his compassion. Perhaps he is surprised by her, or perhaps he presents a challenge to her.

13/08/2017: 1 Kings 19: 9-18 & Matthew 14: 22-33: Rev’d Teresa Wynne After miraculously feeding several thousand people, Jesus takes time for renewal and private reflection, then rejoins his disciples in the mystery of walking on water. Surely now they will see who he truly is.

23/07/2017: Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43: Fr David Armstrong The parable of the wheat and tares seems simple to us, because it is so familiar. But those who first heard it needed the explanation that the evil in this world is allowed by God to exist alongside of the good of the kingdom; but there will come a time when only the good survives.

16/07/2017: Isaiah 55: 10-13 & Romans 8: 1-11 & Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23: Jacquie Messinger (Guest preacher) If you have ears, then hear a parable. God’s presence and God’s word are broadcast everywhere, like a seed falling in every kind of soil and climate. To you it has been given to hear and understand and be fruitful.

25/06/2017: Matthew 10: 24-39: Rev’d Teresa Wynne Jesus is speaking to the twelve he has chosen to work closely with him. Matthew puts together here several rather contradictory sayings of Jesus about the difficulties of apostolic vocation, alongside its delights. So we hear both warning and encouragement for our own discipleship.

18/06/2017: Matthew 9: 35-10 & 8: [9-23]: Fr David Armstrong Each Sunday we now read consecutively through Matthew’s Gospel. There are too many people demanding to hear Jesus, and to be healed by him. So he commissions twelve others to share this labour, to work in his name with his authority and power.