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08/10/2017: Isaiah 5: 1-7 & Philippians 3: 4b-14 & Matthew 21: 33-46: Rev’d Canon Hugh Beavan Jesus takes the familiar metaphor of Israel as God’s vineyard, and turns it into a castigation of those with responsibility for tending it. All those whom God sent to guide and direct, even his own son, were reviled and rejected.

01/10/2017: Rev’d Teresa Wynne’s farewell sermon

17/09/2017: Genesis 50: 15-21 & Matthew 18: 21-35: Maggie Whiteman (Guest Preacher) A parable of Jesus teaches us what God is like: his whole nature is forgiveness and mercy. And just because he forgives us so much, and loves us so much, we are to show these same graces in our lives.

10/09/2017: Romans 13: 8-14 & Matthew 18: 15-20: Rev’d Teresa Wynne
Jesus says that we must not be silent in the face of wrong doing – but try not to make a big fuss about it; seek reconciliation gently. And when Christians are the catalyst for agreement and unity; there Jesus is present in his kingdom.

27/08/2017: Romans 12: 1-8 & Matthew 16: 13-20: Rev’d Teresa Wynne
Jesus questions his disciples about popular opinion – who is the Son of Man? And what do the disciples think of Jesus? The eyes of Simon are opened to the revelation that Jesus is Messiah, and he is given the new name of Peter, with a new commission, to be steady as a rock for Christ.

20/08/2017: Matthew 15: [10-20], 21-28: Fr David Armstrong The Hebrew prophets had a vision of the breadth of God’s love reaching far beyond their own race. Matthew here shows us Jesus confronted by a non – Jewish woman who begs his compassion. Perhaps he is surprised by her, or perhaps he presents a challenge to her.