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14/02/2018: Ash Wednesday: Fr David Armstrong

11/02/2018: Mark 9: 2-9: Fr David Armstrong The Lord’s closest friends see him transfigured upon a mountain-top, in a disclosure of his true identity. In the presence of the figures of Moses and Elijah, a cloud of glory comes upon him and the voice of the holy one is heard.

04/02/2018: John 1: 1-14: Rev’d Canon Hugh Beavan As a prologue to his story of Jesus, John sets out for us its background in eternity. When God’s Word came to his world it was to bring us light and life.

28/01/2018: Malachi 3: 1-5 & Luke 2: 22-40: Rev’d Canon Hugh Beavan As the Law requires, Jesus the first-born is brought to the Temple with a thank-offering. Two old and holy people, Simeon and Anna, perceive that this child is the fulfilment of ancient prophecies of redemption, but the glory will not be without pain and suffering.

21/01/2018: John 2: 1-11: Rev’d Dr Brutus Green (CF chaplain to the Second Battalion, the Parachute Regiment) In the Gospel of John, the miracles of Jesus are signs – of who he is and therefore what God is like. The first sign occurs at a wedding banquet, where among his family and friends Jesus made extravagant quantities of water into the finest wine. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary.