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21/05/2017: John 14: 15-21: Fr David Armstrong
Jesus promises his disciples that although the time must come for him to leave them, the Holy Spirit will be their comforter, and all those who keep faith with him will see him again.

14/05/2017: Acts 7: 55-60, 1 Peter 2: 2-10 & John 14: 1-14: Rev Tony Rose
Jesus taught his disciples how completely he and his heavenly Father are united. We are to believe and trust his promise, that to know him is to know God, and he is our way to the place prepared for us.

30/04/2017: Luke 24: 13-35: Fr David Armstrong
Luke’s Easter evening takes us on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus, where the risen Jesus joins two of his friends as they walk and talk. Only when, at supper, he takes bread, gives thanks, breaks it and shares it, do they come to recognise him.

23/04/2017: John 20: 19-31: Fr David Armstrong
On the first Easter evening, Jesus appears to his disciples with his habitual greeting of peace, and a gift of the Holy Spirit. Thomas must wait another week until he can see, believe, and adore.

16/04/2017: Easter Sunday: John 20: 1-18: Fr David Armstrong

02/04/2017: John 11: 1- 45: Revd Teresa Wynne