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14/10/2018: Mark 10: 17-31: Fr David Armstrong It is not easy to be good, says Jesus. There are commandments to be kept; there is wealth to be handled wisely; there are many worldly attractions and ties which may distract us from receiving all the joys found in his kingdom.

14/10/2018: Fr David Armstrong’s farewell speech:

23/09/2018: Mark 9: 30-37: Rev’d Viv Mendham Jesus tries to make his destiny clear to his disciples, but they are still thinking there is only glory ahead and arguing about greatness in the kingdom. They do not understand that a leader must always be a servant.

16/09/2018: Mark 8:27-38: Fr David Armstrong Mark has already shown that opposition to Jesus simmered beneath all the popularity. Now we come to a turning point in his Gospel. He introduces the darker themes of cross and rejection – which in some way every disciple must expect to face.

09/09/2018: Mark 7: 24-37: Rev’d Matt Simpkins Jesus moved for a while away from Jewish people into Gentile territory. His compassion and his healing power still reached out to all who came with faith at their time of need.