Who’s who

Here are just some of the people who make church happen. Email addresses are all @stleonardslexden.org.uk or you can use the Contact form on the Contact and Directions page. If you prefer to telephone, the parish office is (01206) 575565, and the Rectory is (01206) 710414.

Priest in Charge

We are very pleased to share with you the good news that The Reverend Matt Simpkins has accepted the Bishop’s invitation to become our next Parish Priest. The Bishop plans to licence Matt on 6th September.
In the meantime, please contact Fr David or the Church Wardens for any enquiries.

Fr David Armstrong Assistant Curate
Fr David Armstrong
email = curate@
2 Garden Drive, CO3 9GS
(01206) 710414
Canon Hugh Beavan Hon. Assistant Priest
Reverend Canon Hugh Beavan
email = hugh@
David Watkins Churchwarden
David Watkins
email = davidw@
(01206) 861250
Esther HeptonstallChurchwarden
Esther Heptonstall
email = esther@
(01206) 767666
Peter Hinchcliffe Churchwarden Assistant
Peter Hinchcliffe
email = peterhin@
Beverley KettellChurchwarden Assistant
Beverley Kettell
email = bev@
frankChurchwarden Assistant
Frank Wielobob
email = frankw@
Pauline Jarvis Reader with Permission to Officiate
Pauline Jarvis
email = pauline@
Rosemary EldenReader with Permission to Officiate
Rosemary Elden
email = rosemary@
Jacquie Messinger Parish Evangelist & Lay Pastoral Assistant 
Jacquie Messinger
email = jacquie@
(01206) 760742
Margaret Smith Pastoral Care

Margaret Smith
email = margaret@
(01206) 547803
Youth Worker
Our new Youth Worker will be starting in August. Further details to follow.
email = youthworker@
Lynne Saint
Parish Administrator
Lynne Saint
email = admin@
St Leonard’s Church
Lexden Road
Colchester CO3 4BL
(01206) 575565
Viv MendhamMagazine Editor
Viv Mendham
Magazine email = magazine@
Personal email
= viv@
MagazineMonthly Magazine
email = magazine@
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