Who’s who

Email addresses all end with @stleonardslexden.org.uk . The Parish Office can be telephoned on 01206 575565.

Priest in Charge
Rev’d Matt Simpkins
email = matt@
(01206) 577392

Viv MendhamAssociate Priest
Rev’d Viv Mendham
email = viv@
Jacquie Messinger Associate Priest
Rev’d Jacquie Messinger
email = jacquie@
07886 468596
Maggie Whiteman Associate Priest
Rev’d Maggie Whiteman
email = maggie@
Canon Hugh Beavan Hon. Assistant Priest
Rev’d Canon Hugh Beavan
email = hugh@
Rosemary EldenReader with Permission to Officiate
Rosemary Elden
email = rosemary@
David Watkins Churchwarden
David Watkins
email = davidw@
(01206) 861250
Nick Allston
email = nick@
(01206) 364832
Peter Hinchcliffe Churchwarden Assistant
Peter Hinchcliffe
email = peterhin@
Esther HeptonstallChurchwarden Assistant
Esther Heptonstall
email = esther@




Churchwarden Assistant
Michael Firth
email = mike@
(01206) 547119

Parish Safeguarding Officer
Julie Hinchcliffe
email = safeguarding@
(01206) 562973
Esther Heptonstall
Parish Administrator
Esther Heptonstall
email = admin@
St Leonard’s Church
Lexden Road Colchester
CO3 4BL (Parish office)
01206 575565
email = magazine@
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