Weekday Services

Important update: 21/03/2020

All public worship in the Church of England has been suspended for the time being, but you can watch our live streamed and recorded services here: www.facebook.com/stleonardslexden. Please find details of our usual pattern of worship below.

  • Churches used to be open during the day, didn’t they…”
  • “When can I get in to do the flowers for Sunday?…”
  • “I’ve never been inside; it would be nice to look round…
  • “I need to pick up my parish magazines…”
  • “I would like to light a candle and say a prayer…”

Well… Come in! St Leonard’s is open during the day, every day. Our church is here for everyone.

Church isn’t just for Sundays. Christianity is for all the hours in the week, not just for Sunday mornings. There’s a lot going on during the week to help us grow in our faith and support our community. We want to be a place of sanctuary (somewhere peaceful, somewhere safe where people can be themselves).

St Leonard’s is open for visitors on weekdays (Monday – Friday) during daylight hours. This generally means approximately 9.30am to early/mid afternoon. Our church is here for everyone. Sometimes there will be a service taking place, and you are welcome to join in, or just to spend time in the church quietly. 

Check the calendar page for special services and events at St Leonard’s. St Leonard’s is a living church and we are blessed with a beautiful building. Come and sit for a while in the peace of God’s presence.

There are groups that meet in people’s homes, sessions for babies & toddlers. There’s an 8.00am Eucharist on Thursdays, one at 10.00am on Wednesdays followed by open church. Older children meet through our affiliated uniformed groups.

We support the Soup Run, the Food Bank, Colchester CAP Debt Centre and the Night Shelter.

So we’re quite busy, really… want to be involved?

Weekday services

Morning Prayer: This is held at 9.00am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Evening Prayer: This is held at 5.00pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

We use Common Worship Daily Prayer; there are readings and prayers and it lasts about 20 minutes. One of our Ministry team is always at these services as we think it is important that the church is a place of regular prayer. You would be very welcome to join us. Evening prayer particularly is a good way to reflect on the day and offer everything that has happened to God, the bad as well as the good.

Wednesday Eucharist. This is at 10am and lasts for about 30 minutes. It is a well-attended, said service using Common Worship (the same words as Sundays at 9.45 but slightly simplified and usually with one hymn). Afterwards there is the opportunity to receive prayer ministry in the Lady Chapel and refreshments are provided in the Nicholls Room.

Thursday Eucharist. This is at 8.00am in the Lady Chapel and lasts about 25 minutes. A completely said service using Common Worship. A quiet, prayerful start to the day.

You would be very welcome at any of these services.