About us

At St Leonard’s Church we want everyone to feel welcome. We have a variety of Sunday and weekday services  for people of different ages and preferences, because we know that people come in all shapes and sizes, personalities, traditions and backgrounds…and we don’t mind because everyone is accepted as they are.

Our church is not a private club – it is open to, and for, everybody. It’s for those who have faith or who have none, those who have made mistakes, those who are trying to make sense of their lives, those whom everyone else has given up on.

We know we’re not perfect and we don’t expect you to be. We’re here to help each other find out more about what we mean to God and what God means to us (and we’re all still learning ourselves).

What kind of a church are we? We are an Anglican church. More importantly…We put Jesus at the centre of everything we do. We try to be a force for good in the world. We believe that nothing is impossible with God.

Ordinary people. Extraordinary God.